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When looking for a Woodinville Roofing Contractor consider their experience level.  North Creek roofing has been roofing in Woodinville, WA since 1996.  Trees, debris, animals and moisture make the Pacific Northwest a unique place to install a shingle or shake.

We are integrated into the same community you live in.  We have several employees who live in Woodinville, and plan to stay there for a long time.  We shop where you shop and our kids go to school with yours.  We are part of this wonderful community with you.  We’re a name you can trust!

There are a number of things we do that separate us from other roofers such as our full time production manager, our certified crews, our knowledgeable sales staff, and our dedicated office staff; but we’re going to focus on three of the most important below.

Rain protection during the job.  Washington can be a rainy place.  It feels like certain places in the Northwest rain more than others.  We have a wonderful track record of protecting homes during the roofing process.  Home protection one thing we take very seriously.  We’re hoping you tell all your neighbors about your Woodinville Roofing story with us!

Ongoing maintenance.  One thing that makes us unique is our approach to never leaving our customers.  Most roofing companies install a roof and you never see them again.  In fact, 1 of 5 people don’t even remember the name of their roofer.  That’s never the case with us.  We will put you on a maintenance program to protect you for as long as you’re in the home.  We want your home to be the best looking and performing roof on the block.  We’ll work with you to make sure that’s the case.

Years of experience.  When we have our production meetings we have over 150 years of combined experienced roofing in your area!  We grew our company installing high quality roof systems in and around your neighborhoods.  If you’ve lived in this area for the last 20 years, there’s a good chance we have replaced a roof of someone you know.

So call us today.  Whether it’s a roof repair, a maintenance question, or a full new roof we’re happy to go through your options with you!  425.483.7986

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