There is only one Bellevue Roofing Contractor you should consider when shopping for your new roof.  North Creek Roofing Inc have been serving the Bellevue, WA community since 1996.  Our attention to even the smallest details is one thing that separates us from the other roof companies on the Eastside.

We believe in our slogan and we stand by it.  We take it very seriously.  “A name you can trust”.  We focus on honesty and integrity in every aspect of our company.  We focus on this during our production meetings and talk about it constantly.  The result is a company who has bought into a philosophy and that shines through our business’ soul.  Not every roofing company can be the top Bellevue Roofing Contractor.  We’re doing our best to make sure your roofing experience it top notch.

We’ve been voted Angie’s list top contractor several years in a row now.  What that means to you is that other Bellevue residents have use us and think of us as a good fit for you.  We have a long track record in serving the Bellevue, WA community.  Let us show you why we believe we’re the right choice for you.  Your home is important to you and it’s important to us too.

We are one of the few companies who do repairs, replacements, and maintenance.  Why is this significant?  Because we cover all aspects of roof care we don’t have to push you into what we want you to do.  Now we can do what’s best for you.

We are currently helping hundreds of Bellevue residents on their roof maintenance.  We offer continual maintenance programs on residential and commercial roofs.  Since the elements don’t stop coming down on your roof, we can’t stop cleaning it.  Let us take care of your home today, tomorrow, and forever.

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