Roofing Manufacturers

Manufacturers of Roofing Material

There are hundreds of roofing types in our wonderful state of Washington.  Which is right for you?  Composition is the most economical and has by far the most variety.  There are many brands and many variations within each brand type.  Some of the roof variations are the thickness, shape, and color combinations.

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At North Creek we sell mostly a brand called CertainTeed.  It’s very common and popular here in the Northwest because of a shingle called Presidential and Presidential TL which has a unique shape. Some call it a pumpkin tooth look because of the distinct cuts out of the roofing tile.

We also sell a solid amount of Owens Corning roofing shingles. OC has been a major player in the roofing shingle market. In fact, they invented the fiberglass composition shingle most companies use today. They are famous for their roofing laminates such as their TruDefinition Duration shingles because of their nailing strip.

We also sell lots of Cedar shake. Yes, people still like shakes and some neighborhoods actually only allow cedar shake roofs. Shakes are different from composition because the quality of the shake is more dependent on the mill where the shakes come from. This, rather than a large company mass producing, it’s more similar to a microbrew-type scenario.

PVC roofing is also something we are very skilled at. We have chosen to use the IB brand of PVC. We believe it to be the best and have the most complete residential roof warranty. Our installers are IB certified and you can rest assured our techniques are the best in the industry.

Metal Roofing is also something we install. Typically we will use Nu-Ray out of Kent. The series 1000 and 2000 are perfect choices for our environment.

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