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Protect your Home – Professional Roof Maintenance/Cleaning:
When water invades your home, it quickly destroys your safety, comfort and possessions.  With the smallest of openings, water finds a way.

Unfortunately, you may not know that water has made its way into your home until you see a water spot on your ceiling, a trickle of water down your wall, or even an inch of water in your kitchen.  We can help you avoid these major repair costs.

The fact is, your roof not only protects your financial investment, it also protects the things that money can’t buy.

Every gust of wind or drive of rain alters the integrity of your roof.  A storm of any strength can do invisible damage to the structure and protection of your home.

We will be your eyes when it comes to finding the seemingly invisible signs of water damage before it invades your home. Keep water out and help your roof protect you and your investment.

A regular inspection and maintenance for your roof my help reduce or prevent costly water damage and will assure the longevity of your roof.

A roof cleaning could include:

• Roof analysis of what needs to be completed to insure the integrity of your roof.

• Debris removed from roof.

• Moss removed from the roof (if needed)

• Gutter and downspout cleaning.

• Cleaning of outside skylights

• Clean up and haul away any related debris.

Estimate prices vary depending on the amount of debris and/or moss on the roof, the size of the roof and the pitch of the roof.

You can fill out a “Free Estimate Form” on this web-site or call our office at 425-483-7986. Once we have your information a roof specialist will call to set up a time to come and provide you with your free estimate.