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Welcome to North Creek Roofing Everett’s best Roofing Contractor. We have been repairing roofs in Everett since 1996. Our office is located just down the road and we’ve literally installed hundreds of new roofs in Everett.

We have totally bought into being a part of the community you live in. Several of our employees live in Everett, and they’re not going anywhere. When we say we’re a name you can trust we mean it because our family lives where you live and shops in the same place as you. Our kids are in school with your kids. We truly mean we are that name you can count on. We are part of your wonderful community.

Every roofer is different. Those differences make certain companies better than others. We just happen to think our company is the very best in town. It’s not just because we have a full time production staff dedicated to your happiness, or our crews who are all certified to install CertainTeed and Owens Corning Roofing Products. We don’t say we are the best because our sales staff is knowledgeable and dependable but it’s because we care most. We deeply care more than anyone you could possible hire. The list below illustrates what we do to show you our dedication to your quality Everett roof system.

We’ll protect your investment while we’re roofing your home. Roofing in the Pacific Nortwest can go wrong if not done with tremendous expertise. Our track record of success is unparalleled. We take your home serious. It’s a big deal to you and an even bigger deal to us. Our business depends on you telling everyone about North Creek Roofing! That’s why we are your roofing contractor.

We offer ongoing maintenance to your new roof. Our approach to taking care of customers really sets us apart from almost every other roofing contractor in Everett. We’re not going to leave you wondering what to do and how to do it. We want to be right there when you need assistance.

Did you know that 1 out of 5 homeowners don’t remember the name of the roofer who performed their re-roof? That’s a crazy statistic that we don’t want any part of. We’ve had tremendous success with our roof maintenance programs. We’ll keep your roof looking and performing as the best roof on the block. Not every Everett Roofing Contractor will be a positive memory. Since you only do your roof once, make your roof replacement process as good as possible.

Our production meetings are filled with a combined 150 years of roofing experience. We are not the top Everett Roofing Contractor by accident. Our installers are pushed to provide the highest quality workmanship along with the best customer satisfaction. We have been roofing in the Puget Sound area for over 20 years and there is a great chance we’ll be replacing roofs 20 years from now.

Call us right now. Whether it’s a roof repair, a maintenance question, or a full new roof we’re happy to go through your options with you! 425.483.7986

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