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Cedar Shakes are a Washington tradition.  It’s one of our abundant resources.  Shakes have a wonderful smell and a high-end feeling.  New shakes are also one of the most beautiful roof systems anywhere.  Maintenance can be an issue depending on the quality and the grade of wood.  When selecting a shake for Washington it’s important to get a treated shingle.  Treated wood roofs last much longer than untreated.  The quality of the initial wood and how close the cuts come to knots will also affect the overall quality of the shingle.  Because there are so many variations and quality grades of cedar shake roofs it’s important to consult with an expert from North Creek Roofing first.  There are two main types of roofs found in the Northwest.

Hand Split Cedar Shakes are the ultimate for the rugged Northwest look. Our mills carefully select only the finest and most dense shakes which are split into blocksHand Split Shakes then sawn apart creating a rough exterior outside edge. Most homes in Washington have hand split cedar shakes on the roofs. Our shakes are also 100% edge grain which helps the shakes from curling. They’ll look nicer longer!

Our Recommendation: Thicker the better!


Tapersawn Cedar Shakes have a much smoother and uniform look to them. They are refined and the integrity of the system as a whole is very high because every shake is set and cut to an exact measurement. Many people prefer the look of the tapersawn for the cleaner appearance and smooth-like look. All tapersawn shakes are 100% edge grain.

Our Recommendation: Go with a shorter exposure, something like 7”. Ask your roof consultant for details.


Think North Creek when you think about Cedar Shakes.

Cedar Shakes
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